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Las Escolapias conventual church

The church is housed inside the convent-school. It was built on the ancient castle’s remains, dating back to 1649. Found in the upper part of Barrio de la Villa quarter, and on what was once a castle-palace of the Dukes of Sessa and counts of Cabra. The church has a sober architectural design. Its main […]

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Barrio de Santiago

We reach Santiago barrio from the peculiar calle Flores. It’s one of the towns oldest and most traditional neighbourhoods, where we can find Santiago parish church. Very close by is the Llano de las Tinajerías, an area where most of the potters workshops and local earthenware craftsmen were all located. Some are still open and […]

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Santo Domingo Church

16th century church. Reconstructed during the 17th and 18th centuries. It is currently closed to worship due to restoration. In 1531, the 4th Count of Ureña handed the ancient San Sebastian chapel and annexe hospital to the monks from the Order of Preachers to found a convent. It seems that the Count did this to […]

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Torre del Agua tower – Archaeological museum

Military Almohad bastion from the 12th century, renovated in the 14th century by the Order of Calatrava. It is located close to the Puerta de Teba, which formed part of the town’s defence system. There is a wide sample of remains found in the town: Iberian reliefs, amphorae, Roman glassware and coin collections. This tower, bastion of […]

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Ermita Ecce-Homo

Pequeño oratorio, levantado en el siglo XVI, que alberga en su interior la imagen de un Ecce-Homo. Este enclave se configura como uno de los mejores ejemplos de religiosidad popular, raigambre y tradiciones, tan presentes en el día a día de los pueblos y ciudades de Andalucía. Aquí se iniciaba un Vía Crucis, que continuaba […]

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SICTED quality destination

SICTED (Comprehensive Tourist Destination Quality System) is a project that aims to improve tourist destination quality. It is promoted by the State’s Tourism Secretary (SET) with support from the Spanish Federation of Towns and Provinces (FEMP), who work with companies and tourism services spanning 35 different professions with the objective of improving tourists’ experience and […]

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GR Route

These beautiful paths encompass lakes, sierras, caves, protected areas and vast croplands, reflecting the region’s diversity. Feel at one with nature while you explore inland Andalusia from Alcalá la Real to Utrera by foot, bicycle or on horseback on a series of trails that cover over 292.21 kilometres and cross the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba […]

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Con Pasión desde niños

Caminos de Pasión has created the programme «Con Pasión desde niños» to teach local children about the wealth of tangible and intangible heritage related to Easter Week in their towns. The programme aims to use fun and educational methods to bring them closer to the rites and customs that set their towns apart during this […]

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Exposición permanente ‘La Santería una manera de sentir’, Lucena

La muestra de la Santería Lucentina está ubicada en la planta sótano de la Iglesia de San Pedro Mártir. En su interior se encuentran unas salas habilitadas al efecto, dedicadas a la Santería Lucentina y la forma particular de procesionar las Imágenes Sagradas. En ella, el visitante podrá conocer la Santería desde sus inicios, así […]

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